What if you knew what your horse is doing every minute?

HoofSteps management system containing a horse wearable monitors well-being, energy consumption, position, movement, behavior and social interaction displayed directly in your smartphone. This provides horse owners, and other persons involved around the horse, with information, statistics and analysis of the horse's behavior and well-being. This enables a constant improvement of the management of your horse. By modernizing the horse management our purpose is to enrich the horses well-being while giving the horse owners ease of mind. 

Get to know your horse

movement pattern

Follow your horse's geographical movement pattern during the day. Where is his current local position and where does he like to spend time. Get an alarm if he is not where he is supposed to be.


Get statistics of how much energy he has consumed, what distances he has covered and in which gait. Use the information to improve the diet, amount of exercise or become aware of an health issue.   


From your horse's normal behavior you can identify whether he is anxious or stressed. Maybe performs stereotype stress behavior. Is he bullied, disrupted or just don't feel comfortable in his environment.


Be notified of behavior that indicate a potential health issue before they evolve. Changes in drinking and eating pattern, movements, periods of resting or gaits are signals to check. Get an alarm in acute changes.


By 24/7 monitoring of your horse's behavior you will "get to know" your horse. What is his normal pattern during the day and night. Knowing this will help you make improvements in his daily routine. 

You can share all information regarding your horse (or horses) with persons involved in the management of the horse. Such as fellow riders, farrier, veterinarian, instructors or other helpers. Using the timeline you can post instant information and alarms. The timelines allows you to take instant photos and post them, if you need to clarify or visualize a situation. You also access the app through a web-interface.