Did your horse ever suffer from a health issue?

HoofStep online service provides you with instant notification regarding abnormal behavior such as indication of colic, laminitis, lameness, acute injury, stress or approaching foaling. By monitoring the behavior of the horse, analyzing the collected data with the help of machine learning, we give indicators of health issues even before it shows. Thus shortening the time from health issue to treatment. When a condition shows in a clear visible symptom, the process has often begun earlier.     

The solution

Online connection with your horse

HoofStep connects you with your horse 24/7. A sensor placed on the forehead collects all data required for telling you whether you need to take action or not. Derivations from your horse's pattern will be analyzed and sent to you as an alarm directly to your smartphone or web-based interface. By this you have an eye on your horse no matter where he is, whether he is in the box during night, out in the pasture or training.

What is your biggest worry? An acute injury, a sudden burst of colic, your horse is stressed out or he is just not where he is supposed to be...and there is no one around.

Instant alarms

What if you could prevent or mitigate an incident by receiving information in time?

No matter if you work away from home, leaving your horse unattended in the field, in the stable during the night or have a large scale operation with employees, the ability to constantly monitor each individual horse is limited. 

That is why we developed an alarm system telling you when you need to check on an individual horse. Just to be ahead of things, and before things evolve into a serious health issue.