A horse can't talk, thus not tell you if and why he is in need. He relies on the human eye and often subjective evaluation. The passion for horses is the fuel that drives riders and horse owners. Most important, regardless of discipline or reason for keeping a horse, is the well-being of the horse. A holistic view of the management of the horse, not only 24 hours, but throughout his life is to optimize his mental and physical well-being. Our mission is to improve the overall health by analyzing objective behavioral data in combination with advanced technology. We instantly detect abnormalities which can affect the horses' well-being. By this shortening time from injury to treatment or mental stress to relaxation.

We Give The Horse A Voice


HoofStep was started in Sweden by a team of friends and business colleagues who share the passion for development for the good cause. We are driven by making changes that have a positive impact on a large scale and by that improving every day life. Horses are part of our lives and in our DNA. The HoofStep solution is what we have all been missing. A constant online channel with your horse translating his needs and well-being no matter where you are. Since the start the team has grown by three times with international development teams across the continents.

Are you interested in our solution? We are constantly developing our solution together with beta-testers and veterinarians. And if you are doing research on behavior, we have a rich constant growing behavior data set.