Our Story

HoofStep® is not a desktop product. It is the fruit of hard labor and the love for horses. The seed, of

what became HoofStep®, grew through our own tough experiences of keeping horses in an ordinary everyday life.


A horse can't talk, and by that, not tell you in words if he is in need. He relies on the human eye and observations. As a prey, he is prone to hide beginning pain and distress. An injury or illness can be preceded by a long-term diffuse symptom. Many horse owners can certify that they had a gut feeling about something being wrong before it was obvious. A horse can acutely be injured or become ill when no one is around for yet some hours. Veterinarians agree that the sooner a horse is treated the better the prognosis, as well as causing less suffering. Most important is, regardless of discipline or reason for keeping a horse, the well-being of the horse. Our mission is to improve the overall health by analyzing objective behavioral data in combination with advanced technology. We instantly detect abnormalities which can affect the horses' well-being. By this shortening time from injury to treatment or mental stress to relaxation.

We Give The Horse A Voice

The people behind

HoofStep® started in Sweden by a team of friends and business colleagues who share the passion for development for the good cause. We are driven by making changes that have a positive impact on a large scale and by that improving every day life. Horses are part of our lives and in our DNA. HoofStep® is the solution is what we have all been missing. An online channel with your horse translating his needs and well-being no matter where you are. Since the start the team has grown by three times with international development teams across the continents.


What happens if you combine deep equestrian knowledge with the latest in science and new technology? HoofStep's team is made up of scientists and skilled developers in the field of IoT. With over 20 years of building large dataset, creating AI models based on human behavior we have applied insights from this into practical utility. Now the time is ripe for applying this knowledge on our passion, horses. But we know that in order for these new digital functions to be used by riders, trainers, and veterinarians, they must provide easy to understand information, add real value, and effortlessly fit into our practices. During our journey we have worked together with beta testers, veterinarians and experts in order to fine tune the solution, its usability and utility. The product is ready!