HoofStep was selected to pitch at Nordic Female Investor, Malmö Sweden 18-09-17

Over 200 investors listened to female founders from several countries

Day of the horse in Skåne, Sweden 18-06-09

HoofStep was invited to talk about entrepreneurship on Hästens Dag i Skåne

Pink Capital

HoofStep was selected to pitch at the Pink Capital Sep 17th as part of Nordic Female Investor Meeting. Over 200 investors listened to female founders from several countries followed by discussions regarding investment in female founded businesses. Interesting was figures from Almi invest showing that companies with female founders performed 63% better than investments with all-male founders. MassChallenge BCG Analysis of 350 venture capital founded companies showed that female founded or cofounded companies showed and average revenue of +10,3% compared to all-male founded companies. More women are needed in the tech industry, it is hard to find female founded companies to place investment in. HoofStep’s solution created a large interest, both as tech company as well as filling a market gap in an interesting emerging equestrian market.

HoofStep invited to talk about entrepreneurship at Hästens dag (day of the horse) in Skåne, Sweden

One of our founders, Karl Forssman, was given the honor to talk about entrepreneurship in general and especially in equestrian sports, with deep-diving in the experience that HoofStep has done and is in the middle of at the moment. Karl presented important milestones in structuring the company from day 1 to date, where it is necessary to take many important thoughtful steps from the start.

HoofStep has initially had the vision that with the help of artificial intelligence, horse owners could have early indications of symptoms and problems. This will shorten the time between indication to treatment and give horse owners confidence in the horse being monitored even when not in not present. In addition to this, behavioral information broadens the horse owner's understanding of the horse, thus providing room for improvement of the horse's life situation. Overall, the purpose is to increase the horse's well-being.

In addition, Karl introduced the vision to create the world's largest horse behavior database containing data from hundreds of thousands of horses worldwide. This shall be available for research in order to generally contribute to the improvement of the horse's well-being and sustainability.

The data is created by registering the horse's head movements that HoofSteps algorithms identify in different behaviors. All deviations from normal behavior provide direct alarm messages in the app. The app itself is interactive and, for example, the horse's behavior in real time is shown in the form of a digital version of your own horse. The horse owner will experience that they have the "horse in the pocket".

The behaviors that HoofStep focuses on initially are;

  • Not eating at all or eating less
  • Standing with the head low
  • Does not go with the herd/bullied
  • Lays down/lies down more than normal
  • Excessive nervous behavior
  • Sudden unusual aggressive behavior
  • Looking at the flanks and/or scratches in the ground
  • Repeated stand up and lie down
  • Abnormal patterns of rolling
  • Less active than normal

These behaviors are associated with a previous identification of symptoms for serious problems with the horse's well-being - such as colic, ulcers, infections and laminitis. In addition, we can detect periods of being in heat, behavioral changes during the gestation period, as well as foaling.

HoofStep will launch internationally in 2018

About the horse in Skåne

A fantastic collection of personalities inspired and lectured on this year's Skåne Hästnäringsdag September 6th..

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