Intelligent Horse Care

HoofStep® - Equine distress & wellness monitor

A holistic view of your horse

HoofStep® monitors your horse's behavior 24/7, giving you valuable information of his daily behavior and routines. Knowing his normal pattern helps you to improve his life conditions and better prepare for changes. HoofStep's solution containing a horse wearable, monitors well-being, energy consumption, position, movement, behavior and social interaction displayed directly in your phone. Deviations from the normal translates into indication of an issue that will be sent as an alarm to your phone. By modernizing the horse management our purpose is to enrich the horses well-being while giving the horse owners ease of mind.


Follow your horse's geographical movement pattern during the day. What is the current position and where does the horse like to spend time? Get an alarm if the horse is not where it's supposed to be.


Get statistics of how much energy was consumed, what distances was covered and in which gait. Use the information to improve the diet, amount of exercise or become aware of any health issues.


Share information regarding your horse with persons involved. Using the chat you can post information and incidents. You can shoot instant photos as well. If needed, you can send a push message to get attention.

24/7 - Monitor your horse's well-being

No matter if you work away from home, leaving your horse unattended in the field, in the stable during the night or have a large scale operation with employees, the ability to constantly monitor each individual horse is limited. That is why we developed an solution telling you when you need to check on an individual horse. Just to be ahead of things, and before things evolve into a serious health issue.

Colic - Being Cast - Foaling - Stressed

What if you could receive information in time?

instant alarms

HoofStep's solution provides you with instant notification regarding abnormal behavior such as indication of colic, laminitis, lameness, acute injury, stress or approaching foaling. By monitoring the behavior of the horse, analyzing the collected data with the help of machine learning, we give indicators of health issues even before it is evident. Thus shortening the time from health issue to treatment. When a condition shows in a clear visible symptom, the process has often begun earlier.


HoofStep connects you with your horse 24/7. A sensor placed on the forehead collects all data required for telling you whether you need to take action or not. Deviations from your horse's normal pattern will be analyzed and sent to you as an alarm directly to your phone, tablet or computer. By this you have an eye on your horse no matter where it is, whether it is in the box during night, out in the pasture or at training.

behavior & social interaction

By understanding your horse's normal/calm behavior you can identify whether he gets anxious or stressed. Is he being bullied, worried or just don't feel comfortable or relaxed in his environment. Maybe he even performs stereotype stress behavior. Moving to a new stable or introducing a new horse into the herd may cause a lot of stress. Another circumstance is when a mare is about to foal. All these aspects of behaviors are part of HoofStep's solution. Significant behavioral deviations are identified and communicated through the app.

Scientific approach - Objective data

We complement traditional veterinary routines, by using horse's behavior as primary source for indications of potential symptoms. We use big data and deep learning methods on robust behavioral data. Our collaboration with veterinarians and researchers ensures a development aligned with expertise and field experience from the veterinary profession. By this we are able to do earlier identification of potential health issues than what has been possible with current methodology. At the same time provide instant indicators of potential injures, health issues or mental hazards.


HoofSteps sensor is placed on the forehead of the horse. This location gives the most complete data of behavior, such as chewing. Drinking and eating behavior are important indicators of a horse's well-being or pain experience.


All movements derived from the head position combined with the position of the horse gives all the data required for our algorithms, thus telling the horses current behavior.

By combining different behavior we receive information that could be an indicator of an evolving health issue, such as colic or laminitis.

Our model originates from a number of basic behavior that build a profile for each individual horse over time as well as a common general behavioral profile. By using our solution in a group of horses we identify social behavior and interaction.

Other deviations from an individual pattern, combined with background data of the horse, could be an indicator of situation of importance, such as approaching foaling, stress or uneven motion pattern.