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With a built-in GPS and behaviour monitoring, you can see where the horse is in real-time. You can always go back and see where it has been, how it moved around in the pasture, and its favourite spots. 


Activate tracking to see how the horses move. The timeline makes it easy to scroll back and if there are more horses in the herd, you can study the group dynamics. A heatmap shows where the horses spend most of their time. With that knowledge, you can manage your pastures and herd.

Do you want the horse to move around more in the pasture? Or are there favourite spots when the weather is bad, or flies during hot days in the summer? Use that information from HoofStep to place the water, feeding spots, and shed in the right spots. That way the horse may move around a bit more.


Lost a shoe? Use the tracking in the app and follow the path during the day. That way you don't have to look in every corner of the pasture. Sometimes you can have a runaway! HoofStep will tell you where it left the pasture and which direction it went, as well as the trace as long as there is a connection with the farm unit. When the horse(s) come back their whole adventure trace can be seen in the app.  


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