Our Story

HoofStep® is not a desktop product. It is the fruit of hard labor and the love for horses. The seed, of

what became HoofStep®, grew through our own tough experiences of keeping horses in an ordinary everyday life.

About Us

HoofStep®️ is a company with cutting-edge expertise in horse behavior, big data, electronics and AI. Our business is based on self-developed product and solution characterized by quality, unique design and high precision.

The company was founded in 2016 in Helsingborg, Sweden with a passion for developing technology that helps horse owners to improve the well-being and care for horses. Today we are a steadily growing company that offers a unique solution in the area of equine supervision and well-being.

Horse behavior in relation to well-being has become a part of our daily life.

The first set of horse behavioral data was gathered early 2016 and the proof of working AI-model was dated june 2016. Since then the dataset has grown into the largest set of horse behaviors available today, in parallel the model evolves in precision and scope.

A HoofStep reports two basic variables in real time: position and behavior. In addition statistics about eating, rest/sleep and amount of activity. Based on abnormalities from these individual patterns and the AI-models identification of symptomatic behaviors (based on dataset collected from all monitored horses) alarms are sent instantly.

In addition to behavior our sensor also gather positioning, presenting the horse’s current location in real time through a map service in the app available on a mobile, a tablet or a computer.

The Story Behind HoofStep®️

The initiative to HoofStep®️ was when a group of passionate equestrians and skilled tech developers within computer science, big data, AI and robotics came together around a horse well-being problem. We had had our share of incidents and illnesses. Most of these had occurred when the horses were unsupervised, in the field or in the box at night.

A horse can't talk, and by that, not tell you if he is in need. As a prey, he is prone to hide beginning pain and distress. An injury or illness can be preceded by a long-term diffuse symptom. He relies on the human eye and observations. Yet many horse owners can certify that they had a gut feeling about something being wrong before it was obvious.

Veterinarians agree that the sooner a horse is treated the better the prognosis, as well as causing less suffering.

Our mission is to improve the overall health by analyzing objective behavioral data in combination with advanced technology. We instantly detect abnormalities which can affect the horses' well-being. By this shortening time from injury to treatment or mental stress to relaxation.

This is the solution we have been missing. Now we can monitor and be calm that our horses are fine even though we are not at home or present. HoofStep® has been developed together with customers, horse behavioral researchers and veterinarians.


What happens if you combine deep equestrian knowledge with the latest in science and new technology? HoofStep's team is made up of scientists and skilled developers in the field of cutting edge technology. With over 20 years of building large dataset, creating AI models based on human behavior we have applied insights from this into practical utility. Now the time is ripe for applying this knowledge on our passion, horses. But we know that in order for these new digital functions to be used by riders, trainers, and veterinarians, they must provide easy to understand information, add real value, and effortlessly fit into our practices. During our journey we have worked together with beta testers, customers, veterinarians and horse behavioral experts in order to fine tune the solution, its usability and utility.