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Download the app


Order HoofStep online


Install the farm unit, put the headgear with the unit on the horse


Installation at the farm


Follow your horse's activity during the day.


Monitor your horse

Design you farm

Determine what areas that are important for you and your horse. Enter all the important information of your horse including a profile picture in the app. To follow your horse you can create a digital version of your horse that is then visible on the map.

See the horses movements

Activate tracing to see how the horse or the herd is moving . The timeline makes it possible to scroll back and simply have a look at the herd dynamics. A heatmap shows the favourite spots where the horse spends time. With that information you can manage the pastures and the herd.

Study your horse

See how much your horse eats, rests and is active during the day or weeks. When is it active, resting or eating during the day? The horses energyconsumption, distance and stress can be analysed. every hour can be broken down and you see changes from the normal curve.

Get direct alarms

As  soon as the behaviour changes from its normal profile, an alarm is sent to your phone through the app. All alarms or alerts are saved in the chat channel in the app. The horse and the farm each have a channel and you can invite your friends, your vet or your farrier. The chat also includes a unique library of horse emojis! 

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