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Know your horse

Get to know your horse in a completely different way!

- What does your horse do during a 24 hour period?


More knowledge gives you a better understanding of your horse's behaviour and needs. HoofStep gives you valuable information on how the horse reacts when daily routines change, e.g. a new friend in the pasture, being away for the weekend for training or competition, changes of the season, and the feeding aspects of that and of course changing stable environment. The app shows activity and stress levels, distance, eating, and resting patterns today and back in time. And a lot more.


See how much your horse is eating and very importantly resting during the day and patterns over weeks. Every hour can be seen in the app and the trends.


HoofStep is the only solution that also monitors eating and chewing patterns.


HoofStep is the most complete solution today that is built around AI technology. The AI models register the subtle changes in behaviour that even a trained eye cannot always detect. A smart, comfortable, and light sensor is placed on the horse's forehead to measure movements like eating and chewing patterns. The technology of the sensors is completely harmless for the horse.

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