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Healthy Mothers and Foals!

Breeding is emotions and investment. Getting close to the due date there are worries that something might go wrong or at least that you should be present when it happens. Therefore we offer an intelligent solution of surveillance that alerts you of changes in the horse's behaviour in the pasture and the stall. To monitor the mare from 4-5 months before and about a month after the foaling gives you, as a breeder great comfort throughout the process.

HoofStep collects behavioural data which means you can see your mare's normal daily behaviour and get alerts when changes occur. HoofStep sees clear changes of behaviour 2-3 weeks before the due date. For example, we will alert if the mare moves in new ways, stress eats, shows unusual weight shifts, just to mention a few. Sometimes a foal is born without any warnings. HoofStep Is normally equipped to show and send alerts of these subtle changes of behaviour.

The big difference compared to birth alarms and cameras in the stall is that HoofStep monitors your mare day and night wherever she is, and the alarms reach you even when she is far away in the pasture.

You will also get objective data if the yearling has the opportunity to develop muscles, joints, and ligaments such as our project in Southeast Skåne, Sweden. This can give you a better foundation for future decisions and potential sales of your horse.

In the Equine Monitoring Project, we collect data of yearlings during 5 months to build knowledge around potential future showjumping horses and their longevity and sustainability.

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