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Start cost: €70

"Cool solution that no one else has, now you are aware of your horse when you are not there"

Tom Engström, horse Bronje in Luleå 


per month/horse

Start cost: €100

"Keep track of the horse when you're not there, if he gets sick I find out"

Sandra Henningsson, horse Biggen in Rutbo


per month/horse

Start cost: €130

"I received an alarm about colic behaviour and could quickly, after checking the horse, call a veterinarian"

Caroline Olsson, horse Kefla in Helsingborg

When ordering, a starting cost is paid. As soon as we receive your order, we will give you access to HoofStep's app and return to you regarding the size of the headgear. After the goods have been delivered, invoicing of the monthly subscription begins.

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