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HoofStep Start!
All you need to get going!


You will receive all the items you need during the subscription period. Service included!

Starting cost 799 SEK per horse

Monthly cost 259 SEK per horse
Yearly cost 3 108 SEK per horse

Starting cost + first subscription cost

total: 799 SEK 

Product information


Number of horses 

Here you can chooses packages for 1-5 horses. Do you want more? Send us an email - or write a note in the chat. The design and material for the headgear is developed together with breeders and veterinarians for best comfort and safety.
The fabric is a sportsfabric with a slight stretch to fit snug and smooth like a second skin. All our equipment is light weight: The sensor weighs 149 grams = 5.3 oz..



Wifi close to the pasture and stable is recommended. If you do not have that possibility, the option is mobile data, at a small premium. The farm unit demands connection to wifi or mobile data. The sensor on the horse communicates with the farm unit at a range of 700m free line of sight.



12-month contract, annual prepayment.
12-month contract, monthly prepayment.
Month-by-month, monthly prepayment.



The start cost for the equipment is included in the first payment on this page
The amounts are visible and dependent on you choice of subscription and number of horses.
Monthly payments will be invoiced or debited your card.

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Your subscription to HoofStep includes an exchange of parts in case of breakage or defects. Should you want to end your subscription all products must be returned for proper recycling. We are always available for service and support for a well functioning monitoring of your horse(s).


Whats next?

After the order we will help you to get the right size of headgear for your horse(s).

All the products will be sent to you after the subscription has been activated.

Product parts Install.jpg

The units

The safe farm unit that is included should be connected via the USB and placed facing the pasture. The unit is waterproof. Protection IP67

The horse unit has 2-3 weeks of battery time and is fully charged in 3 hours. Coverage is about 700 m free line of sight from farm unit to horse unit.



Download the app for iPhone/Ipad or Android. Alternatively, use the browser on a computer or laptop (pref Safari or Chrome).


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