HoofStep® monitors your horse's well-being 24/7

HoofStep's App mirrors your horse's current behavior in a digital look-alike horse.

♘ Follow your horse's position, movement pattern and activity during the day

♘ Chat and Share with friends using unique and personal emojis mirroring your digital horse

♘ Receive an instant alarm if there is an indication of danger or distress, such as colic, injury or foaling

♘ Giving you valuable information and statistics on his daily behavior and routines

HoofStep® can be used anytime and anywhere

The app allows you to watch over your horse no matter situation or location.

♘ In the stable during the night

♘ In the pasture

♘ During training

♘ In transit

The product is mobile and can be used during transport or in a guest stable during an event. The headgear can be used 24/7 and fits under a bridle. For foals their is a tailored harness. Both tailored for maximal comfort and in a light modern sportsmaterial.

How the solution works

The horse unit with sensors is placed on the forehead and collects all data required in order to tell you whether you need to take action or not. The horse unit communicate with a portable base unit placed at the farm or, if traveling, inserted by USB into the cigarette lighter in the car. The tailored headgear is in a breathable light sports textile, non invasive and easy to attach with a single velcro fastener. The headgear is designed with veterinarian expertise.