HoofStep® - Monitor your horse's well-being

Instant Distress Alarms

Current Position & Behaviour

Digital Lookalike Horse

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What is HoofStep®?

HoofStep® consists of the sensor that records all your horse's behavioral data, attached in a light halter, and the App that gives you simple, easy to understand indicators to measure the well-being of your horse and alerting you at the first signs of danger/distress, such as colic, stress, injury or foaling.

The Story behind HoofStep®

We have had our share of incidents and illnesses. Most of them occured when the horses were unsupervised, in the field or in the box at night. This is the solution we have been missing. Now we can monitor and be calm that our horses are fine even though we are not at home or present. HoofStep® has been developed together with beta customers and veterinarians.

Put your Horse at the Center of your Attention

HoofStep's pioneering App mirrors your horse's current behavior in a digital look-alike horse.

♘ Follow your horse's position, movement pattern and activity during the day

♘ Chat and Share with friends using unique and personal emojis mirroring your digital horse

♘ Receive an instant alarm if there is an indication of danger or distress

Your horse in the palm of your hand!

Hoofstep® monitors your horse's well-being 24/7

The app allows you to watch over your horse no matter where he is

♘ In the stable during the night

♘ In the pasture

♘ During training

♘ In transit

The solution is mobile and can be used during transport or in a guest stable during an event.

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