Peace of Mind

HoofStep® - The ultimate

solution for tracking equine

health and well-being

Relax and sleep a little easier knowing a new innovation, HoofStep®, is there when you can’t be around by remotely monitoring your horse and alerting you at the first signs of danger/distress, such as colic, being cast, and foaling. This groundbreaking technology, has received positive respons from both equestrian and technology communities, and will be offered within a few weeks.

"This is the solution we have been missing. Now we can monitor and be calm that our horses are fine even

though we are not at home or present."

HoofStep® has been developed together with beta customers and veterinarians and is available on the market very shortly.


What if you could be alerted to a problem?

What if you could get an even better picture

of your horses wellness and needs?

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