Monitors your horse's well-being

Our mission is to provide important information

about your horse’s health, behavior and location.

HoofStep® - Equine Behavior AI Company

Based in Helsingborg, Sweden, HoofStep AB is all about connecting people with horses. With wireless technologies and machine learning algorithms we record horses' behavioral data and translate these into useful knowledge. Our job is to provide you with the ability to stay connected to your horse, monitor your horse’s well-being, inform you about current behaviors and send you alarms if signs of danger or distress.

HoofStep®️ - A Solution for Many Purposes


HoofStep®️ identifies abnormalities and early indications of situations that need your prompt attention.


Find out where your horse are and where he has been during the day. HoofStep®️ informs you if he is not where he is supposed to be.


With HoofStep®️ you can supervise your broodmare before, during and after giving birth.

HoofStep®️ - A Portable Solution

HoofStep®️ is a wearable that can be used around the clock anywhere and anytime for uninterrupted surveillance.

The sensor is light and only weight 149 g ( 5.3 oz). The battery last for 21 days and is recharged within 3 hours.

The headgear is designed for comfort and safety for the horse. If being caught in any obstacles it breaks or is pulled of over the ears. Snug-fit breathable softshell fabric with a light stretch. Only one velcro fastener for easy on/easy off.

A portable base unit, transfering the data to the cloud, is easy to install, just plug it into the socket or in the car if in transit.

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