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Comfort and safety for your horse

With HoofStep's safe monitoring, you are in control of your horse's well-being around the clock and you receive an alarm if something goes wrong. Stay in touch with your horse - wherever you are - whenever it is.


Why HoofStep?

HoofStep monitors your horse's behavior and health, giving you peace of mind. Horses are often left alone for many hours during the day and night both in the pasture and in the stall. With HoofStep, you are in full control - wherever you are.


Through HoofStep, you get a fact-based overview of your horse's; normal behaviour and distance, position, eating patterns, and much more! 


As soon as something changes from the horse's normal behaviour, an alarm is sent describing the changes and the degree of seriousness.


After all, you and your horse always should feel safe.


What does HoofStep give you?


Includes safety alarms

Analyzes eating times and frequencies 

Measures energy consumption

Shows position and distance

Measures stress levels

Shows through a heat map a horse's favourite spots in the pasture


How does Hoofstep work?

HoofStep is an intelligent monitoring device where you can follow your horse around the clock - indoors and outdoors. Our AI models identify a horse's behaviour so you can see how much your horse is resting, eating, and what it is up to at every moment. Should the behaviour change from normal, an alarm is sent to your mobile phone or computer via the app. As a horse owner you can immediately see what is wrong and take action! Read more...

App & sensor 

A smart and light sensor is placed in our headgear, monitoring your horse's behaviour.

It's the most complete solution today that is built around AI technology.

The HoofStep starter kit contains headgear, sensor, farm unit and charger.

The app is available for download in the AppStore or Google Play.


Get a subscription

Choose the subscription that suits you the best:

  • Number of horses 

  • Wifi or mobile data 

  • Monthly or annual pre-payment

Professional competition rider and breeder

— Magdalena Regårdh

"The ability to know what the horses are doing at home when I'm away is fantastic.

Just knowing they are doing well and trusting the alarms in case somethings happen.

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