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Design your farm

Determine which surfaces are important to you and your horse. Enter information about your horse and take a profile picture directly in the app. To follow your horse, you create a digital version of your horse that is visible on the map.

Watch the horse's movement

Enable tracking to see how the horse or horses are moving. The timeline allows you to easily scroll back in time and see the group dynamics. A heatmap shows where the horses are most active during the day. With this knowledge you can optimize how pastures and groups are organized.

Study your horse

See how much your horse eats, rests and is active during the day or weeks. When is it most active, resting or eating during the day? The horse's energy consumption, how far it moves or whether the horse shows stress can also be studied. Every hour is clickable and you see if it deviates from its normal curve.

Get instant alarms

As soon as your horse's behaviour deviates from his normal profile, an alert is sent about what deviates to your phone via messenger. All alarms are also saved in the chat. The horse and the farm each have their own channel and you can invite the friends you want to be involved. It includes a unique library of horse emojis!

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