Frequently asked questions


Which mobile phones and computers are supported by the app?

It is a web-based app and works on mobiles, tablets and computers. It is possible to install the app on the home screen, just as simple as a regular app on the mobile and the tablet.

Where do you store all the data?

Everything is stored safetly in the cloud. See further details in our terms and conditions.

What happens to the data when the subscription ends?

We follow the rules of the GDPR. See further details in our terms and conditions.

Can I see where the horse is?

Yes. In the app you have a map, where you can also draw pastures etc., for your farm. The map shows the horse as an animated copy of the horse. You can even see what the horse is doing - for example if it is rolling or just standing and eating.

Can more people on the farm use the app?

Yes. As a farm owner you can invite whoever you want to get help keeping track of the horses or just because it's fun. The app also has various chat channels connected to the horses and the farm, where you can discuss and synchronize or just send pictures. There are also special emojis attached to each horse that make it more fun and clear.


How long is the battery life?

The battery life of the horse unit is about 3 weeks. The farm unit can be disconnected from USB for about 4-8 hours.

Can you bring HoofStep with you when you travel with the horse?

Yes. The horse unit should always be on the horse when traveling with it. If you want to be away overnight, you should preferably take the farm unit with you too, so that you keep track of the horse all the time. During the trip you can plug it in the car's USB socket. All alarms and functions work in the same way as usual. If you do not bring the farm unit with you on the trip, the information will be stored in the horse unit. When you return to the farm, the horse unit connects to the farm unit and all data from the trip is loaded. There is memory for about 1 day of data in the horse unit.

Can I move the units between different horses?

Yes. This is easily done in the app.

Do you need to charge the product?

Yes. The horse unit is easily charged with the included wireless charger. The farm unit's battery is automatically charged when plugged into an electrical socket via the USB connector.

How do you keep track of the headgear and horse unit?

By simply removing one headgear at a time from the horses, one can avoid the mistake of mixing up the units. Normally, the headgear is removed during the following occasions: 1. The device needs charging. When charging, keep the horse unit in the headgear. Can be done every time you handle / brush the horse. 2. Laundry of headgear. Usually done every two months. 3. Rinse / brush off if clay and sand penetrated underneath. 4. During competition

How do you know that the right unit is on the right horse?

Usually before you put the horse unit in the headgear, you scan the QR code for the horse that applies. Then you scan the headgear's QR code and insert the horse unit. Then you put the headgear on the horse. If in doubt, do not remove several headgears at once to avoid confusion. Alternatively, put a name tag on the headgear.

How do I find equipment that has been dropped in the field?

In most cases, the horse keep the headgear with the horse unit on every day. But should something be dropped, you find the location easiest through the map in the app. There you see the pastures and where the latest position of the horse unit / horse. Normally, the horse does not just lose the unit, but the entire headgear. Both are coloured red-black and therefore easy to find.


How long do you need to charge the horse unit?

If you wait until the horse unit's battery is almost completely discharged (after about 3 weeks), you need to charge for 3 hours. It also works to charge more often and shorter moments, for example when handling / brushing the horse.

How to install?

Simple - only a 110-220/230 V outlet is required. The base unit and charger are plugged into a USB socket, for example in the supplied USB adapters. Put the horse unit in the headgear and put it on the horse. Open the app and check that everything looks good.

How is the farm unit placed?

The location depends on how the farm, stable and pasture are located. In general, it is best to place the farm unit in a stable window facing the pastures. If that is not possible, we can help you find the best location. Feel free to contact us directly if you are wondering about your farm.


What's included in the package?

The basic packages are for 1, 2 or 3 horses and all contain 1 farm unit, a charger and a 220-volt USB adapter. For each horse comes a horse unit and a headgear.

I want to order more than 3 horses - how do I do?

If you have more horses, you supplement with more basic packages. The price is the same if you buy for example 1 + 3 or 2 + 2 and in both cases you get two farm units and chargers. If you want a solution for more than 6 horses, you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to help you find the best solution for you.

How do I know when the product will be delivered?

You get information directly from us via email. Then you will be invited to the app and can start creating your farm so that you are ready when the products arrive.

What terms apply to returns?

Since it is a subscription, we regularly replace incorrect and damaged products. See more details in our terms and conditions.

If I sell or loose the horse in advance - can I cancel the subscription?

Yes. Contact us and we will discuss a good solution. We have full understanding that things can happen. Our goal is for the products to be useful and used.

Cancellation of subscription?

Upon termination - as soon as we have received products in reasonable condition, the subscription is terminated. See more details in our terms and conditions.

Can I use HoofStep's product without a subscription?

Unfortunately - the product cannot be purchased without a subscription. The subscription covers the cost of the intelligent algorithms in the cloud, data collection.


How do I get the right size for the headgear?

After ordering, we will contact you directly via email where you will receive instructions and help to determine the size. Our headgears fit basically all horse types and head sizes - from the smallest Cob to the largest X-full. Normal sized foals from about 5 months can start with our Cob and then grow into Full, at about 1 year of age. The headgear and all functions work great on donkeys as well.

Is the headgear safe and comfortable for the horse?

Yes. The headgear is ergonomically designed for the horse. Unlike a halter, the headgear is elastic and fits close against the horse 's coat - like a fly hood. If the horse against any odds would get caught in something, the headgear will fall off or, in the worst case, break. Everything to make you, as a horse owner, feel safe. The headgear is developed together with a veterinarian.

Should the horse wear the horse unit all the time?

Yes. The headgear is ergonomic and comfortable for the horse. In order to get maximum benefit from the product, it must be used in all situations - including training and other riding. However, one must keep the headgear clean from gravel and other things that could be scratching the horse. Check this when the horse is looked after. Brush off the horse's head and head if necessary.

How does HoofStep know what the horse is doing and its well-being?

Simply, we learn from the horse itself. Just as you, as a horse owner, can see that the horse is not as usual, HoofStep can see if the horse behaves differently. Before sending the information from the horse unit to your mobile, it is processed in the cloud with intelligent algorithms. These can recognize the different behaviour of the horse and from this it can be concluded whether the horse behaves normally or not. If something looks wrong, an alarm will be sent to you on your mobile. There you have the opportunity to judge what has happened and act accordingly.

Is the equipment water and weatherproof?

Yes. The horse unit can withstand shallow water for a while. The farm unit can withstand all types of weather, and is expected to be permanently mounted in an outdoor environment - however, the usb connector must be secured against the weather with an enclosure or connected indoors. Charging is done indoors.

What materials do you use in HoofStep?

HoofStep's environmental policy includes that the products must be in maximum use and reused before finally being recycled. The materials are selected so that recycling should be possible, but also that the function should be optimal for horse and horse owners. We use ABS plastic, polyester fabric (softshell) and lead-free electronics that have good recycling processes today. If better materials appear on the market, our ambition is to adapt the product to these.

How much does the product weigh?

Horse unit 150 grams Farm unit 350 grams Charger 250 grams Headgear 138 grams

Does it measure heart rate?

No. We believe that it is not bringing enough value for the higher price. We measure the horse's behaviour and in most cases it is a much more important information than the heart rate of the horse's acute health condition. Furthermore, it is difficult to get an accurate measurement of heart rate if you want the product to be durable. Heart rate is an important part of training. For this purpose there are excellent products from, for example, Polar.

Does it measure temperature?

No. We believe that it is not bringing enough value for the higher price. We measure the horse's behaviour and in most cases it is a much more important information than the temperature of the horse's acute state of health. Furthermore, it is difficult to get an accurate measurement of temperature if you want the product to be durable. Temperature is also easily measured yourself if needed.


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